Bad 2020


This is the story of these evidence of prediction of a bad 2020, in the 3rd quarter of the year 2017 an entity that claims to be the God of Abraham began to draw smoke hearts in the style of a binary oracle, in October 2018 I started my channel Youtube «Corazones de Humo» where I started recording this for the public, and since its inception, its acceptance was not very good, I had hoped to win a couple of world records with the title «Number of Smoke Hearts drawn by the wind «and» First time with evidence that the wind responds to the call of a human «evidence of this is in our publication Evidence that the wind obeys. Record Guinness first told me that the WHO did not allow records with a cigarette, I started doing it with a bottle, and it took instead of 3 months, which is normal, 5 and the day of my birthday, September 26, 2019 in the morning They answered that they were subjective and their hearts did not look good, I showed them that they were wrong and they never paid attention, they recorded their responses on my channel, Official World Record I accept, but if there was an event with judges, according to them because I recorded for companies and they could benefit from it and they could even earn a record title, this in early October 2019, all year 2019 I was sending emails to everyone who might be interested in this and everyone ignored me, in the end The plan or what was left with the Official World Record was to gather companies to which they recorded a video so that they would pay for the event, all October and November 2019, to do the event before Christmas 2019, none were interested and the vast majority Sun or they ignored me. In my Youtube channel you can see the evidence of this that I am telling. Throughout 2019, except December, also record that this being would not harm to the humanity nor would it help, At the beginning of December I began to see that this will never known because nobody shakes my hand.

So throughout December 2019 I was recording threatening videos and videos called «I wash my hands», where a paranormal entity that has the wind as its messenger, that is, an entity or God where in my Youtube channel more than 300 times draws a heart after I tell him to draw One if the answer to a question I ask before the camera is yes. See more about this entity at this web, where we show that the entity or God is responsible for these 2020 ills, the reason why this entity does it and especially prediction tests of a bad 2020. Other prediction evidences in our publication: Pruebas de adivinar el futuro.

Wind prediction of a bad 2020

See with subtitles and see the date of vídeo in youtube.

Screen capture of the video.

My Happy Year 2020 video

I say in Spanish the first 30 seconds of my video that humanity would suffer because nobody pays attention to the entity or god that draws hearts. I was just asking for help to see a girl again and nobody shook my hand in 1 year recording me, if nobody and well this bad 2020 happened right after I recorded what would happen.

See that after the heart when I tell him to draw one, if what I say in my Happy New Year video is true, a perfect pistol is drawn, we have already been several dead.

My 14/01/2020 video

I say that if it is going to be more bad with humanity, draw a heart and draw it, see in the link that writes w3sex or Internet sex, which is exactly what happened next.

USA and UK in the threat (the reason of this post)

In our publication Evidence that the wind obeys and our YouTube channel «Corazones de Dios» we show how since 2019 this entity or god recorded that he wanted the USA to be the first power for a long time but that it is reflected in all citizens and not in a few, according to this being in any Country the population in general should be better than in the USA, which wants them to build the wall with Mexico paid for by the USA, then record more things such as that the dollar in its cryptocurrency version with representation on paper money is the reference and main world currency, which It is the home of the headquarters of the all best companies in the world only at a corporate level, that this entity or god does not like terrorism and among other things, I do not record what I would like or what I think or want about things, I ask God in my mind as I have been since I was a child And I record it later, not saying that God speaks to me in my mind, if not invoking this being before the camera and saying that if it is yes to a question that I ask before the camera the wind draws a heart with my smoke, or other met All shown on this website.

In the movies they paint the government and intelligence services of the USA as a type if you already know and read this, they should already know it and act accordingly in a coherent way, but you see that it is not like that, everyone ignores me in the USA, Although according to TikTok or good coments in this wesite the people of the USA if they like my videos, more than my Mexican countrymen, it could be understood from the point that while I record good things in the USA I record bad things about Trump, then good things, in the end I record yes He paid attention to this entity or god would be the best among the contenders for the 2020 election, they never listened to me, also recorded at the same time and before Biden was an official candidate that the favorite of this entity or god for the presidency in 2020 it was Biden and not Warren or Trump.

As logic dictates, the country most affected by the coronavirus pandemic with this I say is the USA, how ironic, that it hurts any of the 2 options, that the US government and other countries because I have recorded good things and that would benefit in addition to the USA to Mexico, Israel, Russia, China, India, Japan, Germany and the kings and their descendants of the Saudi Arabia, UK and Spain, and that I have communicated with them are some cowardly fools who do not know at this point that this is real and its scope or that they cover it up, see in this publication and in the various news of a bad 2020, UK goes that also stands out in the pandemic and is quite affected, I doubt that this is known to these kings or presidents, or this the other possible option, that they know it and hide it hurting me and you who read this to a lesser or greater extent.

In this video I show how this entity or god speaks using destiny, I record myself with random background videos with my eyes covered and at a volume that I do not hear well what the background video says because I hear my voice more, and when I say that everyone They would support the idea of the USA first power the background video at the same time they all say and when I say that Trump would better pay attention to this entity or God and not hate Mexicans any more in order to continue being president in the background video in that moment says it suits him better, these and other perfect games of destiny recorded in our publication Pruebas de dominio del tiempo in spanish, only the people only people who speak Spanish can analyze it well and realize how this being actually speaks like Bumblebee but using destiny. Before USA First Power, after USA with most coronavirus cases, I also asked this entity or god if they wanted us to use an advanced computerized translator to communicate and they said no that they want everyone in the world to speak English in addition to their native language and I recorded it a long time ago, in Pruebas de predicción de un mal 2020 I show a video from mid-December 2019 that is even the first beginning with an evil, where it says that the entity or god will make all those responsible suffer whether or not what he says I have recorded and go that was fulfilled.

After this website the economy rose

On March 18, 2020 we contracted hosting to make a website, before the domain redirected them to my YouTube channel, if you look at our first publication Pruebas de que el viento obedece, we demonstrate that after the creation of this website it began To raise the economy in general, in my post Pruebas de adivinar el futuro we show how we gave money to investors for a few years, giving signs even in the midst of the 2020 crisis knowing when to sell, when to buy and writing it on our Twitter@BrainDet, You can verify that it was like this by seeing when the financial instruments that fell due to this bad 2020 stopped going down and started to go up, and after the rise date this website the economy recovered:

Check other instruments on the Internet to check what happened in the markets after March 18, 2020. It’s free.

Why this is not just chance!

In addition to who says that it will be a bad 2020, it is not me but the wind when drawing a heart and this is no coincidence because I have more than 300 videos like that, throughout 2019 I was recording videos and asking for help to find a girl named Mireya , because it is the origin of the hearts of smoke is that and the entity or god that does this affirms that it does it so that it returns to see the girl and conquers her, and nobody shook my hand, if not the elbow, absolutely nobody , not even my own mother, now this 2020 nobody shakes hands, if not the elbow, for the lack of attention to this I also see myself in the need to do this with a cigarette which makes me afraid of dying for the lungs constantly and affects my health, see «this», now all this 2020 live with that fear and some also saw their lungs affected, some to death, I also recorded that due to my bad experience with religion I had inherited poverty, not only me but all that we live in my house, now the economic crisis is not only in my house but in the whole world this 2020, I had been without a stable job for years, and now many have lost their job, Here where I live Salamanca, Mexico we all live with the fear of going out and die by violence, now everyone in the world lives with this fear but now for the lungs this 2020, for my lack of work and misconduct inherited by religion, my social life went to waste, now, this 2020 life social of all people has been affected in more or less way, also for lack of money I spent it locked up in my house, now this 2020 many have to be locked up in their houses, for not having work or money I have been without a lot girlfriend, if a lot, which makes me live watching pornography, now this 2020 the traffic of porn sites increased incredibly, according to this I look for the love of my life and nobody helps me, better help other culeros to find their dog, now this 2020 soared the di vorcios, the church where I went all my life rejected this without logical or valid arguments, just as they affected me so much in my past for believing them, now they are suffering, nobody goes to mass anymore, their alms business was ruined and more this 2020 and in case something is missing all those responsible for this is not known that I record in my videos called «I wash my hands» in different ways, which is one of the people I have contacted, guilty of this bad 2020 or that Let’s continue badly, they are suffering and people now wash their hands this 2020 like me on my channel before we all literally did it, the Susana Distancia cartoon is the exact physical description of the girl I want to find, and this 2020 they say that If it is not fulfilled, it will go badly for us and we will do badly for not complying. That is, it seems that they want the girl and I to keep our distance, when this being wants us to be together as I show on this website and now we are all apart, All this and more in just a few months after recording this in December of 2019 and it’s just the beginning. If you are someone who thinks that this was orchestrated by man, take into account that it is not only the coronavirus, but that several bad things have happened this 2020 that undoubtedly could not have been caused by man.

To the exact day and time of my 32nd birthday, as you can see in the date of my computer system in the world there are 32 million cases, in Guanajuato, the state where I live 32 thousand, as I said it lasted 9 months in the womb of My mother is the same as what the pandemic brings to the day of my 32nd birthday and point nine of cases in Guanajuato can be those 9 months and point six of the 32 million in the world can be but for abortionists, that is, Discounting the first 12 weeks, what remains from point nine of the cases in my state are the cases recovered in the world in millions, the 6 and the 9 reappear in the number of people recovered in my nation.

In 2019 I recorded that Trump peeled me according to this entity or god, I uploaded bad things about him because I am Mexican, so I said good because if he says that we are one of these or the other, I will also say it in my own way, besides that I record that the entity and I did not like Trump because he does not like Mexicans, when AMLO went to visit him I changed a little with him and I uploaded good things, I recorded that he would be the best president of all those who contended in 2020 if you I paid attention to this entity or god, which never happened, instead I also recorded that Biden was a favorite of this entity or god and that he did not want Warren, then as I said, Trump hair me according to this website, he never paid attention and It was, the 32 of my age as of the date of these results comes out in Trump’s votes, in addition to playing with the numbers, Biden’s 306, 3 and 6 gives 9 of the 9th month of my birthday and Trump’s 232 If you combine them with Biden’s, the 2 left over to Trump’s 32 puts it before Biden’s 6 gives 26 d On my birthday and if you put it to Biden’s 3 it gives my age 32 again, personally I never did anything else against Trump than record bad and good things, among them because he is a good businessman, who only bothered as president, also record that the entity or god did not want Trump to be killed since 2019.

See more things like that in our post Pruebas de dominio del tiempo.

It is also curious that in my videos, as it is noted, the being who does this in addition to knowing the girl, wants to reign over the world, because I record that it will make all those responsible for whether or not what is done He says for a heart, the central problem of this evil 2020 is the coronavirus, Corona / Kingdom, coincidentally the most affected, are the upper echelons, ultimately responsible for doing what this being wants or not. If we do not agree to do what the entity says, we will become extinct as recorded and everything will be worse and worse as long as I do not see the girl again. But as you see all last year it seems that they wanted to cover my mouth, in fact some people did, more often those who live with me, to tell me not to talk about this anymore, instead of announcing it, as would be the most logical thing , in the end I keep talking and now they all wear masks or «Tapaboca». Read on as there are more ironies around this. If you do not believe that my life situation was what I described, see this document: Semanas Cotizadas.




Psalms 104: 3 – 4 {He is} the one who sets the beams of his upper rooms in the waters; He who makes the clouds his chariot; the one who walks on the wings of the wind The one who makes the winds their messengers, (the entity makes the winds their messengers in most of my videos this is clear) And the ministers of fire flames. (the entity makes the flames its ministers in the videos of satan and who claims to be god does it clearly)

Isaiah 45: 7 I create light and darkness, I produce well-being and misfortune. I, the Lord, do all these things. (Like the god of Abraham with the evidence presented here, he would do something to harm himself, that is, validate a being who is not the one, in case the being shown here was not the one, that is, to this being threatening an evil 2020 and it was fulfilled in the way it was fulfilled)

Islam say that the bad or good wind always comes from God because it is one of its soldiers and you should not curse it for any reason). I record that Muhammad was a prophet of God.


Matthew 12 – 25: But he, knowing their thoughts, said to them: Every kingdom divided against itself is devastated; and a house divided against itself falls. And if Satan is also divided against himself, how will his kingdom remain? since you say that for Beelzebú I cast out the demons. (Record that satan is evil and unjust with all men, that he only seeks the perdition of man, that Saint Michael always overcomes him, that hell exists, that all suffer in him, that all sin be paid in a part of hell temporarily to the souls who believe in Jesus, not the absolute truth, even what the Muslims believe is enough, we will all pay for all the sin of the law of Moses and capitals, even if one confesses, one pays less, but he pays, in general we will pay everything bad, even if you kick a dog or vice versa you are good with one, you are rewarded or suffer less for other things you do, than if you do charity sins are paid, that as he is just before anything where he is not invoked he, it is satan who acts and if satan does you a favor you have to pay him and the entity or god cannot do anything, that Jesus is the only son of this entity or god, that he is in the Eucharist, that he likes the Protestants among other things this clearly It attacks satan much more than casting a demon at someone, because with people seeing this to satan nobody will want it unless he is a fool). Matthew 7: 7-11: Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. Because everyone who asks receives; and he who seeks finds; and to the caller it will be opened. Or what man is there among you who, if his son asks him for bread, will give him a stone, or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? For if you, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him? Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, so do you also to them, because this is the law and the prophets. See our publication Pruebas del Amor Verdadero, please watch it so you can see how these hearts were drawn by a girl I liked that I met in a Christian retreat and did not speak to her, after asking God to see her again, He drew a heart for the first time, from there he draws these hearts and says he does it so that he sees the girl I talk about in the video called Mireya almost at the end of my publication: Pruebas de que el viento obedece. Can you imagine a situation in which you ask God to see a retired girl again and he sends satan to draw you smoke hearts, how strange would that sound, don’t you think? taking into account what Jesus says that God does not give a stone instead of bread if you ask Him for something in prayer. Everything I say on my channel, there is a video where I ask if what I say is totally true, draw a heart and draw in all of EVERYTHING I say.

See this complete in Pruebas del salmo 104:4 is in spanish.

Who do this?

See in slow camera and subtitles.

Also consider that true or false that is the god of Abraham, the entity or god as you see said that it would be «satan» with the world, before this he promoted his kingdom from Mexico, country where the eagle eats the snake, saying that it would help us in almost all areas to advance and would do justice to those who need it and above all to promote love, they rejected it and now with the paradox that it will be «satan» something viral comes out but this time to do harm to promote fear , death, plague, hunger, misery, etc., from the dragon country, China. Salamanca, where I live and record myself, the central Mexican city, the Heart of Mexico, Wuhan, the central Chinese city. I mean the Heart of China, Curious don’t you think?

And it becomes even more curious when therefore the main responsible for this has happened is the Catholic Church as I have recorded, the second country to stand out in the pandemic of this 2020 was Italy, it cedes from the Catholic Church, in addition to quickly knowing or Not this, they were left without their economic income among other canceled practices and samples of the falsity of their religion because there are no priests in hospitals curing the coronavirus, without protective equipment since according to them neither the poison will harm them, and that the country with the trophy of being the best that this entity or god wants is the USA and is the country with the most cases of coronavirus. Well, record this video: and according to Hollywood they should already know about this website and save us from the catastrophe!


In conclusion, this bad 2020 happens according to this website because I have been recording smoke hearts drawn by the wind for more than a year accompanied by other incredible tests and no one, not even those I contact who do not know, nor those who know me, nor my friends, nor my family, not even my own mother has been able to help me yet and with all this to find a girl that I love, take into account that they better help others to find their dog, if people were like that with me and with those of the dog , I no longer say taking into account that who wants me to find the girl is the being that I present here, if not following the logic that they better help find a dog, they should help me find the girl, but since this is not so , We have a bad 2020 according to the tests that I present here, now all of them are paying less or more, mainly the Catholic Church, which if I ignore myself for the fear that with this it is known that they are false in some issues, in the end without this is known e showed and materialized their fear, because they are proclaiming Mark 16:18 and receiving money because as they are healing even cancer and there are no priests, laity, or pastors in hospitals proving that what they preach is true, that is to say They will not harm the poison or they have the power to heal, because they not only charge some shepherds blatantly for it, but they take advantage of the human weakness to put the stamp of the religion in which they are or a person to everything supernatural that happens to them, when this happens not only in their religion, but in all of them and they end up giving their lives to their religion and not to the being that really did that in them, with this evil 2020 it is shown that not everything that they preach is totally true, and that they are not the ones who heal and perform miracles so that they pretend to be charging and enslaving people to manipulate them as they please, here I show evidence of what I say, reliable evidence, and they do not believe me, not me They help, but if they believe in their religion even when they see that this 2020 is showing them how false and weak they are in some issues, because in certain things according to this being, they are right, for the same reason that this is not known, it is the For the same reason that with these proofs of its falsity, people continue to believe in their religions and not in this, and look, at least the being who does everything I show here does not like that of humanity and I demonstrate this here. , I am also sorry for attacking religions, but Jesus says that with the stick that you measure you will be measured, and I measure them with the stick that measures this being and me, in the end therefore this prediction of a bad 2020 fulfilled. I wash my hands, here I show that I or the being who does all this are not the bad ones, I show that humanity is the bad because not only is it that Mireya and I are estranged because of him, but they do not want things like this : End hunger in the world, do you think? Better a dog without anything extraordinary, than a woman with everything extraordinary, how sad, as much as this 2020. If you would be afraid to be in my situation, that is, you would be afraid of the unknown even a little, being like me in This, practically alone, now also last but not least this 2020 now in the majority that fear will be born: Take into account that it is not only the coronavirus, if not Many things that have happened this 2020 clearly impossible to do by man and some are also related to this situation, such as the asteroid in the shape of a mask, in short I hope that the meeting where I met the girl with these hearts is worth it, because The only thing I got out of going there in addition to this gift of hearts for the girl, was a strong cold, because it rained, and now people also with a strong cold. I have no choice but to tell you that like I have for years:

as well as this also came out «care» on Facebook where there is also a heart, curious do not you think? Well if people cared about these hearts there would be no bad 2020 as I show here.

For more details and proofs please translate: Pruebas de predicción de un mal 2020 its amazing, the news of vaccines and other diverse good news were exactly after several important ones took into account this website and have again the hope that this website will see Mireya and contact me.

However, consider that from September 2021 this entity or god no longer wants anything we have recorded for the USA, we are sorry, for more information, know why and evidence of this go to Pruebas de karma en 2020 y 2021 and translate. The proof is in this video, The entity or God says that he can repent and if he wants everything he wanted for the USA if he takes a different attitude to this and helps this being and helps himself, in the end I personally because it does not mortify me much, I am Mexican , what I recorded for the USA I recorded it because then this entity or God wanted it that way, not because it was my love, although I liked it because I always liked the USA, The entity or God says to see for my country Mexico so that I will do, I will not put any country before mine because not even the most powerful know how to pay, not so much money, if they do not even apply the favor with favor Pay, I am not going to support those people, when I need it they never did, so I will not need them to do it in the future because we are unique in their kind and there will be someone who supports.