Wind Obeys

We show evidence that the wind obeys to a paranormal entity claiming to be the god of abraham and other evidence in this post.



View in slow motion, with subtitles, download and see streaming, see description too, its important, here another hearts:

See description too with subtitles see the video

View with subtitles, says If you want Cuba to be a US state, you want Cuba to be part of the USA, draw a heart.



I have recorded that this entity or god wants these 3 countries to be the main powers for a long time in their respective order, my country does not appear, I do not record what I want but what the entity or god responds that I present on this website on order from others and time does not matter much:

1 – USA

2 – China

3 – Germany

For more information about this visit: Pruebas de que el viento obedece


Macabre evidence that the wind obeys

See this note, plus all the notes that speak of the subject, in our publication Evidence of prediction of a bad 2020 we show how in December 2019 the wind draws a heart when I say that humanity will suffer because this being will be Satan with the world, in 2020 is shown that the wind as well as draws hearts and figures, even when asked if humanity would suffer drawing a gun in 2020 just as the wind makes you swallow or have a particle of dust in your house, in the same way a virus that you affects health to the extent of requiring the same, wind, air, oxygen here and in our publication about 2020 we demonstrate with reliable evidence that the wind acts intelligently, either to draw hearts or make a certain number of people sick, for example We show that on my 32nd birthday that day there were according to Google and another 32 million cases of coronavirus in the world, we encourage you to analyze very well Pruebas de predicción de un mal 2020 because he shows that the wind obeys in a macabre way even after announcing it, that is to say, first the wind drew hearts with smoke when it told him about a girl, nobody cares, he got upset, and now the wind is causing even death or all the evils of 2020 according to reliable evidence in all the world.



Psalms 104: 3 – 4 {He is} the one who sets the beams of his upper rooms in the waters; He who makes the clouds his chariot; the one who walks on the wings of the wind The one who makes the winds their messengers, (the entity makes the winds their messengers in most of my videos this is clear) And the ministers of fire flames. (the entity makes the flames its ministers in the videos of satan and who claims to be god does it clearly)

Islam (they say that the bad or good wind always comes from God because he is one of his soldiers and you should not curse him for any reason, in this case the wind obeys.). I record that Muhammad was a prophet of God


Matthew 12 – 25: But he, knowing their thoughts, said to them: Every kingdom divided against itself is devastated; and a house divided against itself falls. And if Satan is also divided against himself, how will his kingdom remain? since you say that for Beelzebú I cast out the demons. (Record that satan is evil and unjust with all men, that he only seeks the perdition of man, that Saint Michael always overcomes him, that hell exists, that all suffer in him, that all sin be paid in a part of hell temporarily to the souls who believe in Jesus, not the absolute truth, even what the Muslims believe is enough, we will all pay for all the sin of the law of Moses and capitals, even if one confesses, one pays less, but in general we will pay for everything that is evil Even if you kick a dog or vice versa, you are good with one, you are paid or you suffer less for other things you do, than if you do charity, sins are paid, that as he is just before anything where he is not invoked it is satan who acts and if satan does you a favor you have to pay him and the entity or god cannot do anything, that Jesus is the only son of this entity or god, that he is in the Eucharist, that he likes Protestants among other things , this clearly at Here satan is much more than throwing a demon at someone, because so people see this because satan nobody will want unless he is a fool). Matthew 7: 7-11: Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. Because everyone who asks receives; and he who seeks finds; and to the caller it will be opened. Or what man is there among you who, if his son asks him for bread, will give him a stone, or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? For if you, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him? Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, so do you also to them, because this is the law and the prophets. See our publication Pruebas del Amor Verdadero, please watch so you can see how these hearts were drawn by a girl I liked who I met in a Christian retreat and did not speak to her, after asking God to see her again, a heart was drawn by First time, from there he draws these hearts and says he does it so that he can see the girl I talk about in the video called Mireya again. Can you imagine a situation in which you ask God to see a retirement girl again and he sends satan to draw you smoke hearts, how strange would that sound, don’t you think? taking into account what Jesus says that God does not give a stone instead of bread if you ask Him for something in prayer. Everything I say on my channel there is a video where I ask if what I say is totally true, draw a heart and draw in all of EVERYTHING I say.

See this complete in Pruebas del salmo 104:4 is in spanish.

Talk to the god of Abraham

This is not only proof that the wind obeys, this is a proven way of speaking to «God» with more credit for logic and science than other seers or prophets who have spoken to «God» if it were not «God »By the videos it proves that it is the wind, it is the wind and there is only one god on my channel that means that King David, Muhammad and Jesus of Nazareth are liars for what they say about this, that I already quoted above and the fact that with the smoke from the end of the cigar and when you squeeze a bottle full of smoke and not the smoke from my mouth, a heart is drawn when I ask you something and tell you to draw it if the answer to a question is affirmative too many times for Let chance be the one who, after saying, draws a heart, draws one more than 300 times. In addition, the true God for whom one lives would allow videos like this where the wind draws hearts when I say draw a heart more than 300 times to his name so that everyone thanks this being, give glory to this to this being, god of Abraham and not to the being that draws them originally taking into account the assumption that it was a paranormal entity that is more than what the Jews, Christians and Muslims call «word of God» and does what it does without being affected by its «word of God»? Taking into account the scriptures of all the deities what they say about the winds, this is an important fact, since for the time being it proves the existence of a being superior to the human.

Draw a heart and then a human heart

Donald Trump never paid attention to this and he can verify it, he never paid attention to this entity or God or even gave him dignified attention neither he nor his government, in addition to recording all of 2019 bad things about him for his insults to Mexico and say this being through the wind that he did not like Trump, although I change my position with Trump after AMLO’s visit to the White House I am conditioned to pay attention to this being and as you can see, as he never paid attention to him, he lost Well, as you can also see, record that Joe Biden was the favorite of this entity or god since before he was even an official candidate of the Democratic Party, and given the circumstances, he won. Consider other things like this, or see the publication date of this video. The entity or God says that he loves Joe Biden and that he does not owe him anything, neither to me, because we show reliable evidence on this website of having removed Trump and put him in. When I found out that Biden would be president as my publication Pruebas de dominio del tiempo was this song, that the entity says that it is dedicated to Biden, I will record a video so that you can see that all this is true at the time, see my publication Pruebas de computo paranormal and what that he writes in the link of that song with which I found out that Biden would be president and he dedicates this being to Biden as he says.


In English:

See description. (see how it is identical to all the others) (see how it is identical to all the others)

EXCELLENT EVIDENCE HERE. (Proof that this is real, not a trick, you have to analyze it very well with the slow motion streaming, so that you see that the wind is congruent, and that the pareidolia theory is also excluded with this, which is really heart in the video it is congruent and what is not and it seems is not, the video is only in spanish)

However, consider that from September 2021 this entity or god no longer wants anything we have recorded for the USA, we are sorry, for more information, know why and evidence of this go to Pruebas de karma en 2020 y 2021 and translate. The proof is in this video, The entity or God says that he can repent and if he wants everything he wanted for the USA if he takes a different attitude to this and helps this being and helps himself, in the end I personally because it does not mortify me much, I am Mexican , what I recorded for the USA I recorded it because then this entity or God wanted it that way, not because it was my love, although I liked it because I always liked the USA, The entity or God says to see for my country Mexico so that I will do, I will not put any country before mine because not even the most powerful know how to pay, not so much money, if they do not even apply the favor with favor Pay, I am not going to support those people, when I need it they never did, so I will not need them to do it in the future because we are unique in their kind and there will be someone who supports. We are happy that he no longer wants anything for the USA because so apparently they will cease to be the worst paos to be the one that acts the worst to support them, then he still regrets it, it will depend on them. The cases of coronavirus fell when we recorded that they no longer wanted anything for the USA and their stock markets rose in the USA since this being is neutral with them and not as a favorite country of this being, this being says that now it does not matter who is first world power.